LOTD 51 ~ Message from home

Ethiriel was walking across the bridge, making her way home when she heard the flapping of wings. The sounds got closer, they became louder. Turning her head she saw her mothers crow with a little letter between its claws. Raising her arm, the crow landed on her forearm. She noticed the letter the crow was holding between its claws. She grabbed it before starting to read. Her mother told her to go search for a man in the academy, learn how to control her magic and live in peace in Giliath. She smiled before patting the crow with her other hand ” So that is why mother sent me here.

Shape– My own
 LURE: Gaze Skin
– [Anara] Customeyes
Brows– Bossie. alice eyebrows
Face tattoo– FORMME – Elven Marks (NEW!)

Anachron – Druidess Hooded Dress & Hair

.random.Matter. – Rasputina Septum – Gold
.WINGED. Rhomb Necklace
PUNCH / Beaded Nose Chain
[EZ] Varsp Bow
^^Swallow^^ Ring Dead Head

Pose– ::Axix:: LadyCrow.



About Mᴏᴏɴʏ Mᴜʀʀ

Owner of the store [FORMME] and owner of the Orchidecay Blog.
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